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Does the Boett Blanket really work?

Most definitely, of the many thousands that are using the Boett worldwide,over 95% have reported that their horse has shown a rapid and often dramatic improvement.

Will my horse over-heat in hot weather when he is wearing the blanket?

No, the Boett fabric is breathable. Veterinary test results show that horses wearing a Boett are cooler than their field companions exposed to the full sun.  Horses in Saudi Arabia, Australia and many other hot countries wear Boetts without any problems.

How does it work?

The Boett, unlike many copies, is made from a unique fabric and a clever design. The blanket acts as a barrier and stops midges from biting.  It is not impregnated with any insect repellents so there are no undesirable side effects often associated with chemicals. The blanket is easily maintained by machine washing and tumble drying, it is also easy to repair on a domestic sewing machine.

How quickly will I see results?

As soon as the blanket is fitted and the midges can no longer bite you will start to see your horse relax. It can take up to 21 days for the dead and damaged skin cells to re-absorb, during this time your horse will continue to show a lesser degree of itchiness.

Should I apply repellent or insecticides under the blanket?

No, the Blanket will prevent bites wherever it covers.

Can I place a rug on top of his Boett Blanket during spring and autumn?

Yes. Many owners do so in the early spring and late fall without problems.

When should my horse start/stop wearing his blanket?

 The blanket should be in place before the season starts, usually mid -February, but this does depend on where you live. Many horses now live in their Boetts throughout the year as the season gets longer.

I have a young horse that is expected to grow. Should I allow for this when ordering the blanket?

No. The blanket needs to be a good fit for his current measurements. If he has outgrown it by the following year there is an enthusiastic market for used blankets that are in good condition. We will happily put prospective purchasers in touch with you.

Is the Blanket waterproof?

The Boett fabric is treated with a water- (and grease) repellent during manufacture, so that the blanket will dry rapidly after rain and not become clogged with grease. However the open texture of the fabric is designed to allow moisture to pass freely through - if the blanket was made waterproof, the horse would sweat too much during warm weather.

Can I keep the Blanket on when I ride my horse?

Yes, if needed, during particularly midgey evenings you can ride out with the Blanket in place. The belly-flap and hood (if worn) are removed and the back leg straps loosened. The stirrups conveniently hang below the bottom hem of the Blanket.

NEVER haul your horse with the blanket on.

How often should I shampoo my horse?

Regular shampooing (weekly or fortnightly) is well worthwhile. However DO use a non-allergenic shampoo and always rinse VERY thoroughly.

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