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Video Review of the Boett blanket!

I wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for all your help through the process of ordering my Boett. The new Hood you sent fit him great! (minus the ears, but his are really tiny).

I honestly could not have asked for better customer service. After ten years of searching for a solution, spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on new sheets and products, this blanket has been the only thing to truly make a difference.

Billabong turned 24 this year and has to live outside 24/7 because of a cough he has developed. In the past, his sweet itch has been so bad that it was affecting his day to day routine, making it difficult to keep him exercised and healthy, especially at his age.


I cannot tell you how great the feeling is to know there's a solution and I can finally see my pony comfortable again! 


Thanks again, Brit & Billy

Just wanted to let you know that we LOVE the Boett. So much so that I am going to order another one. It fits wonderfully. What I really like is how breathable the fabric first, it feels heavy but you can see that the horses do not sweat in it and when you wash & hang it to dry, it dries very quickly. Also really like how well made it is - no fraying or stitches coming out etc etc as has happened with other blankets. The length of tail coverage is also fabulous. Overall, her sensitive skin is doing much better! she is SO good about "shoving" her head into the blanket and providing counter traction that it is a breeze to blanket her


Karin Salim

Photos of happy and non-tchy customers

Keneth - size 9

Keneth - size 9

A big draft type horse wearing size 9 in chestnut

Sarah -size 4+

Sarah -size 4+

Sarah, a Haflinger looking good in size 4+ light grey

Poppy - size 8

Poppy - size 8

Poppy wearing size 8

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